Yes, I’m a self-proclaimed gun-nut.  By “gun-nut” I mean the exact thing that the liberal-progressive, anti-gunner, anti-second amendment folks mean.  I wear their condescension as a badge of courage.  I take their glares of contempt with joy.  At the same time, I pity them for not being able to understand the 100% red blooded American honor and responsibility in firearm ownership.


Not many nations of the world allow private citizen firearms ownership.  The few that do have large restrictions on them.  None that I know of have anything like our 2nd amendment enshrined in the very fabric of their nations laws.  Unfortunately, all too many of the citizens of the USA either don’t know the huge blessing our founding fathers left to us, or simply don’t care about it. 


I’ll get back to the second amendment aspect of it in a moment.  The biggest reason I’m a gun-nut is because it’s just fun shooting guns and experimenting with new types of firearms.  I love it when I see the X at the center of a target disappear after a round I just sent downrange obliterates it!!  It’s a feeling similar to a person scoring a touchdown, or a homerun, or a 3-pointer.  I’m not exactly the world’s best marksman or even close to it.  I’m probably about as average as one can get in this area.  I can keep my rounds from my Glock, HK, Springfield, or Sig Sauer within the 9 ring at 10 to 15 yards for the most part.  Add a flinger or two in there and you have my level of competence.  One thing I am very good at is knowing, understanding, following, and sharing the rules of firearm safety!!  I’ve taught them all to my family and help others who may not be as experienced as I am.  Most gun-nuts I know are the same as me in this aspect.


Another reason I am a gun-nut is because the safety of my family is pretty important to me.  Only someone living under a rock, or one who ignores the realities of human nature, cannot see the evil around all of us, all the time.  That isn’t paranoia speaking; that’s reality!  I am a CCW license holder in the state of FL.  I carry a handgun almost everywhere I go.  As of yet, I have never had to use it.  But I will use it to defend my family, myself, or another person if necessary.


Back to the second amendment.  It is my belief, based on the research I’ve done, that it is not only the right, but the duty of American’s to be knowledgeable of firearms, proficient in their usage, and ready to defend the constitution of this great land if necessary.  This is where I differ with a large percentage of my fellow countrymen.  Too many disregard this responsibility.  Too many believe our freedoms are either not important enough to defend, or that those freedoms can never be lost.  A disturbing and growing number of people believe we have too MANY freedoms and some should be removed.  That probably is the most alarming thing in this debate to me. 


These freedoms we have as Americans, written in the blood of our founding fathers, are as fragile as they are precious.  They support and complement each other and if we allow just one of them to be taken, the rest are not long to follow.  I cannot state loud enough how disappointed I am in the people of my generation raising children with no real understanding or concern for our bill of rights.  We have collectively failed to pass on to our heirs the greatest gift left to us.  And our institutions of higher learning have done nothing but make things worse.  Liberalism and progressivism have all but taken over and destroyed the critical thinking university is supposed to encourage. 


It is my belief that America as I knew it growing up is done and never coming back.  Many applaud that but I and the Americans who know better will continue to fight for freedom.  I will exercise my rights as I see fit.  I will continue to use my first amendment right to support and defend my second amendment right.  I will continue to challenge anyone, anytime, anywhere who would advocate to remove my right to owning and bearing firearms.


This is only the tip of the ice berg.  This issue is so much more that a single blog post.  But those who support the constitution understand without any more words from me, and those who do NOT support the constitution cannot be enlightened by any means I might try to use.  We Americans are so divided, more so than I’ve ever seen in my 50 years, on so many different issues that I really don’t see how we survive as a United States.  Again, not paranoia, but reality.