Statistics, Statistics, Statistics


I’ve read and heard the stats about gun deaths versus xxxxxx for a long time now.  Both from anti-2A people and pro-2A people.  I’m just really not sure that it has any merit to debate anymore.


See, I didn’t gather that data by myself.  I have no idea if the numbers are real, or totally made up.  I’d like to think that we can trust the various government agencies whose duty it is to collect crime data, but honestly, I quit trusting my government a long time ago.  People make up the government and people have differing ideas and agendas.  Fudging a number here and there to lean more toward what your end goal might be would be an easy thing to do for someone with little or no moral character. 


We also are constantly seeing comparisons of US crime stats to that of other nations.  As if a nation that has disarmed it’s people is going to ever admit they made a huge mistake.  Won’t ever happen!!  Just like no EU nation that has allowed hundreds of thousands of unvetted Muslim “refugees” to infiltrate their country would ever admit they made a mistake.  Lets remember that government usually exists to sustain itself, not to help it’s people.


So what do we use to prove to those who are skeptics that guns in the hands of good people are a good thing?  Simply, we don’t!  The rabid anti-2A left will NEVER cede their place in the gun grabbing line.  It is a waste of time to try and convince them they are wrong.  For all the effort and time we take to try and “educate” the left, when only a miniscule and insignificant number of folks would convert, we still have tens of millions of leftists/progressives who would dance for joy if all guns were confiscated tomorrow.


I believe that the only course of action to take is simply falling back on the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Even then, liberals/progs can’t seem to understand very simple English.  A hoard of lefty lawyers are standing by ready to debate for months what the meaning of the word is is.  And we all sit by, in total shock, and watch it happen.  We have settled in to a comfortable lifestyle in which we really don’t want to get TOO involved in controversy.   Sure, we join the NRA or any of the other clubs, we might donate a little money and even attend the occasional rally, but to get uncomfortable?  No way.


Our forefathers got uncomfortable.  They risked life and limb to fight for the rights we seem to only marginally appreciate today.  Even in the gun community, people give lip service only.  Oh sure there are a few who are willing to get out of the zone to fight, but they are few and far between. 


So what’s to do?  I really don’t have the answers to a lot of the questions I have on this topic.  How far should we take it?  Who would lead the charge?  Do we need another revolution?  Are we past the point of no return?  Are there enough Patriots left to even make a difference?  I really don’t know.


What I do know is that we’ve been losing for a very long time and we are continuing to lose.  Not just in the 2A arena either but in the very fabric of liberty that has been the bull work of American greatness.  Even when we have so called conservatives running all three branches of our government, we see they get little accomplished to strengthen that fabric of liberty.  They fight and squabble among themselves as they jockey for position and power.  A pox on the lot of them!!! 


As I see it, we are not in a totally hopeless situation although it is quite grim.  We true patriots need to stick together, form up, be vigilant, and be ready.  We need to remember that it was God that brought the victory during the revolution, not man.  We need to keep prayer as a part of our daily life.  We need to befriend all likeminded folks around us.  And we need to prepare for the day that WILL come when evil men and women will rule us.  It’s close.


America as we used to know it might be over and never return in the same form but we can still carve out a place of freedom and liberty.  We can resist oppression.  We can continue.  We can live free, if maybe a little uncomfortable.