To Bump Stock or Not to Bump Stock?  That is the Question!


I don’t own a bump stock and have never shot with one.  I won’t buy one either.  I don’t like them and find them of no use to me. 


That being said, just because I don’t like them and find no use for them does NOT mean I would ever support a ban or a set of new regulations on them.  Some folks like them.  Who am I to tell them they can’t buy one?  Who is the NRA to “suggest” the ATF re-think their rules on bump stocks? 


Frankly, I’m very disappointed in the NRA.  I mean, I kind of understand what they are trying to do, but it’s almost like the lunch lady trying to convince you that the floaty things in the gravy are actually good for you.  I just ain’t buying it!!  NRA, do what you do best;  fight for our rights.


See, what everyone with good intentions here seems to NOT see or remember, is that the liberals have never played fair in the gun debate.  They will see this as a huge victory and it will embolden them to push for more and more.  Meanwhile, they will NEVER support reciprocity or any kind of relaxation of suppressor regulation.  Only a complete fool would think otherwise.  So what’s the NRA think they will get by throwing bump stocks under the liberal bus?  Please tell me because I really can’t figure it out.


The NRA should have remained silent on this issue, or they should have issued a simple statement to the likes of “We at the NRA will continue to support the 2nd Amendment as we have always done.”  That’s it.  That’s all they needed to say, if they felt they had to say something.


Now, they have a LOT of members chapped at them.  They have kind of betrayed a small, select group of their supporters for a wish and a dream.  Wayne can’t honestly believe he’ll get something in return that will sooth the burn.


Now, what the NRA might be thinking is that they can win over the RINOS to their side.  Again, not likely.  Those pretenders need to be thrown out of office, not coddled.  Anyone who would pass national legislation, or support it, based on a single event, however tragic, that restricts and limits something that is simply a tool has no support from me!! 


Another thing, a bump stock does NOT convert a semi into a full auto as has been said over and over and over on the MSM.  Even by people who know better.  The trigger still has to be pulled for each round fired.  Bump stocks just make that process faster, as does a lower spring pressure aftermarket trigger.  Are we going to ban or regulate those now too? 


Once you give a little, the liberals will push for more and more and more.  They have NEVER changed their anti-gun stance.  Why should we budge at all?